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Our Ringo sessions are mega fun and give participants the chance to take turns in tearing up and down the lake on our big inflatables, feeling every bump and splash along the way!


Ringo sessions can be the perfect added extra alongside our Aqua Park, Wake & SUP sessions or just great fun on their own. We guarantee that every participant leaves soaking wet and with a giant smile on their face! 

Jonty Storey © Delamere 05-23 Small-3.jpg


£30 per group

(15 minute session, up to 9 people* per 15 minute tube) 

Looking to fly across the top of the water on our tube at speed? Get booked in below! 

*3 people max on the tube at a time. We rotate groups around so everyone gets the same amount of shots in the time limit booked. Ringos are on cable 2 only.

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